PinpointEyes™ is a novel smart phone application used to precisely examine and detect ocular conditions such as strabismus…


PinpointEyes™ has developed wearable technology used to collect, process, detect, and accurately measure deviations of the eye in a variety of ocular conditions including amblyopia, strabismus, and neuromuscular conditions.

Our patented technology is able to detect minuscule deviations in ocular alignment from a static photograph of the face. Using anatomic structures and our technology deviations are calculated in both millimeters and prism diopters.  

PinpointEyes™ App

Hyperion Laboratories, Inc. has created and patented a new eye-tracking technology under the name PinpointEyes™.

PinpointEyes™ is dedicated to providing cost-effectiveinnovativenon-invasive technology solutions to people with common eye conditions, including strabismus or “lazy eye.” Many of these common conditions are easily-fixed, but go untreated for reasons that include the cost, invasiveness, and effectiveness of current treatments available…