PinpointEyes Glasses are a revolutionary new wearable technology designed to help treat an ocular condition known as strabismus, or “lazy eye.”  Strabismus affects roughly 5-6% of all children. Luckily, strabismus is a treatable condition, especially with early intervention.

Current therapy solutions for treating strabismus are limited, and include:

  • Eye patching
  • Prism glasses
  • Botox injection
  • Surgical procedures with a relatively high failure rate

PinpointEyes Glasses are designed to replace conventional patching, which can be difficult to monitor and maintain, especially in younger children. Utilizing a new, patented technology, PinpointEyes Glasses automates the patching process in various ways aiding to better compliance and treatment outcomes.

There are two models of PinpointEyes Glasses…


PinpointEyes Glasses BASIC are an electronic eyepatch that is programmable via a paired smartphone. This allows for the the clinician to prescribe the duration and the frequency of eye patching. The glasses can also accommodate prescription refractory lenses as needed.

PinpointEyes Glasses - ADVANED


PinpointEyes Glasses ADVANCED offers the same functionality as the BASIC model, with additional features. PinpointEyes Glasses ADVANCED uses patented built-in technology to detect any deviation of the eyes and automatically path the appropriate eye. The ADVANCED model also collects pertinent data that is useful for clinicians, including degree, duration, and speed of the deviation.