Hyperion Laboratories, Inc.  We area forward thinking Socially conscious company creating new technology  dedicated to improving the quality of life through revolutionary diagnostic and therapeutic innovation with no      


Hyperion Laboratories, Inc. has created and patented a new eye-tracking technology under the name PinpointEyes™.

PinpointEyes™ is dedicated to providing cost-effectiveinnovativenon-invasive technology solutions to people with common eye conditions, including strabismus or “lazy eye.” Many of these common conditions are easily-fixed, but go untreated for reasons that include the cost, invasiveness, and effectiveness of current treatments available.

Utilizing the latest advances in augemnted reality and eye-tracking tech, PinpointEyes™ has developed a wearable pair of glasses that is able to precisely track, monitor, and react to deviations in the eye’s gaze. This technology can then be synced and easily controlled with any iOS smart device.

Plus, PinpointEyes™’ CEO and lead biomedical developer, Dr. Ara Keshishian, has taken special care to ensure a sleek, fashionable design for our product, making it a promising alternative to patching and penalization therapy.

As our technology continues to develop and evolve, PinpointEyes™ holds great potential for significantly improving conditions for patients with common eye conditions such as amblyopia and strabismus.

PinpointEyes™ is a medical engineering company leading the way in the research, development, and production of wearable technology for diagnosis and treatment of certain neuromuscular conditions.


PinpointEyes - Dr. Ara Keshishian, M.D.



Ara is the inventor behind the science and technology that goes into PinpointEyes™. He earned a Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Engineering from The University Of Southern California, and after finishing medical school completed his surgical residency in Michigan. He has a successful private practice in California and over the years has been involved in designing and engineering medical devices, instruments, and processes to varying degrees. Ara is also a father, with first-hand experience involving the limited treatments available for common ocular conditions. His hands-on approach to development has created quality, stylish products that continue to revolutionize non-invasive patient care. Ara believes that this solution-driven technology has the power to drastically improve the lives of patients with strabismus or similar conditions.



Co-Founder & Critical Care Nurse

Dawn has been intimately involved and instrumental in the development of this technology. As a critical care nurse she has bridged the gap between the science and technology and the patient and family experience. She has extensive experience in working with children with varying degree of conditions limited their abilities.

PinpointEyes - Dr. Malgorzata Rajtar, M.D.

Malgorzata Rajtar, M.D.


Maggie has been involved in the research and development of PinpointEyes™ since its conception. Her experience with health care delivery in the Emergency Department, has helped the development of the PinpointEyes products. Working closely with a team of engineers, physicians, and institutes, she has overseen the research in validating the concepts and products designed by Hyperion.

PinpointEyes - Elizabeth Fontin MD, IRB & Clinical Research

Elizabeth Fontin, M.D.


Dr. Fontin is a Neuro-Opthmaology Attending Specialist of Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary (MEEI) of Harvard Medical School and has been part of the PinpointEyes™ team since 2017.

Elizabeth is responsible for the clinical research which has validated our technology at the MEEI.

PinpointEyes - Jocelyn Mallon, CTO

Jocelyn Mallon


An expert of embedded firmware and software, Jocelyn is behind the unique code inside our PinpointEyes™ App. In addition to her self-taught knowledge of numerous coding languages, Jocelyn brings to the company a background in philosophy, as well as a brief history in the military. She is currently interning at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) while pursuing her degree in Computer Science.

PinpointEyes - Mike Hulyk, Creative Director

Mike Hulyk


Mike is the creative mind behind PinpointEyes™ public media presense. He is responsible for taking all of the information associated with the PinpointEyes™ brand and making it attractive, engaging, and accessible to both clients via social media, digital outreach, and print news outlets. Whether in the corporate, industrial, or entertainment sectors, Mike believes that strong visual storytelling is the key to effective audience engagement