Hyperion Laboratories, Inc. has created and patented a new eye-tracking technology under the name PinpointEyes™.

PinpointEyes™ is dedicated to providing cost-effectiveinnovativenon-invasive technology solutions to people with common eye conditions, including strabismus or “lazy eye.” Many of these common conditions are easily-fixed, but go untreated for reasons that include the cost, invasiveness, and effectiveness of current treatments available.

Utilizing the latest advances in augemnted reality and eye-tracking tech, PinpointEyes™ has developed a wearable pair of glasses that is able to precisely track, monitor, and react to deviations in the eye’s gaze. This technology can then be synced and easily controlled with any iOS smart device.

Plus, PinpointEyes™’ CEO and lead biomedical developer, Dr. Ara Keshishian, has taken special care to ensure a sleek, fashionable design for our product, making it a promising alternative to patching and penalization therapy.

As our technology continues to develop and evolve, PinpointEyes™ holds great potential for significantly improving conditions for patients with common eye conditions such as amblyopia and strabismus.

PinpointEyes™ is a medical engineering company leading the way in the research, development, and production of wearable technology for diagnosis and treatment of certain neuromuscular conditions.