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Causes for Strabismus: Cranial Nerve Palsy

“Palsy” simply means “paralysis.” Cranial Nerve Palsy is a condition in which one or more of the cranial nerves is damaged to the point of complete or partially paralyzation. What Causes Cranial Nerve Palsy? Cranial nerve palsy is due to partial or complete damage of a cranial nerve. These conditions may be genetic, due to trauma, demyelinating conditions, infections, as well as vascular diseases.

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What Causes Strabismus?

To break it down, strabismus can be caused by any condition affecting the muscles of the eyes, nervous system and brain. The following conditions are associated with or may cause strabismus: 1. GENETICS Family history is important in physical traits and disease inheritance. Strabismus inheritance is complex and may involve multi-gene mutations or patterns of inheritance leading to the condition. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at how genetics affect strabismus inheritance.

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